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    We work with businesses of all sizes that want to spend their time and energies on core competencies.  We provide
    our clients with a wide range of business services that directly contribute to the efficiency and growth of their

    We work with our clients to investigate, define, and assist them with overall business strategies, policies and
    operational processes that have positive and strategic implications on the success of their business.  We use the
    "AMS Approach" when consulting with our clients to ensure that solutions are created holistically in consideration of
    the client's objectives and business culture.   We don't only consider the objectives, policies and procedures, IT and
    financial considerations, and your business priorities, but we also heavily consider your business culture and
    employee feedback.  

    We specialize in: process development and improvement, resource strategy development and management, and
    new business development.

    We provide customizable management and support services, including Procurement and Vendor Management,
    Contract Management, and Office Operations Management.


We assist clients with the development and improvement of their internal processes relative to their  IT tools, service delivery, and internal
operations.  We also help them develop SOPs and training platforms for their employees and contractors.  Additionally, we help them build
and manage a Corrective Action Preventive Action (CAPA) program (which is an important part of any quality management system).


We assist clients with their product and service procurement needs by developing and driving new procurement and delivery strategies and
processes that promote improved quality issues and increased cost efficiencies.  We help our clients qualify and select the right product and
service suppliers, manage the supplier relationships and manage the supplier contracts from initial contract negotiation through final product
and/or service delivery and contract completion.


We assist our clients, in conjunction with their lawyers/legal departments with negotiating and managing  contracts on behalf of the client.  
We also provide full life cycle contract management services, including but not limited to: ensuring the successful completion of clients’
contracts according to time, cost and performance criteria, respecting the intent of the organization’s policies and procedures and the
specifics of regulatory controls; ensuring that financial controls such as signing authorities and separation of duties are enforced; and
resolving contract disputes and ensuring that any necessary contract amendments receive as much scrutiny as the original contract.  


We develop and maintain a fully functional HR department for our clients who are growing their staff.  We work to recruit, "onboard" and
manage employees and contractors and ensure that our clients are compliant with local and national labor laws and regulations.  Our
services include but are not limited to:

    • Background and Drug Screening
    • Risk Management
    Corporate Compliance Program Development and Management
               • HR Policy Development and Management
    • Temporary Staffing
    • Employee Assistance/Counseling
    • Health Care Benefits
    Wellness Program Development and Management
    Payroll Management