Arrington Management Services, Inc. (“AMS”) is a minority and woman-owned Pennsylvania S Corporation located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  

    Formed in 2007 AMS was initially created to provide consulting services and short or long term, high-quality management solutions for businesses with limited
    personnel resources or in need of an alternative to in-house resources. Over the years, AMS has become and continues to be an outsourced service provider to
    several medium sized businesses, providing HR management, procurement, vendor management, project management, contract management, training, process
    development and management, and quality assurance, and customized Managed IT solutions.  All of our services are custom-created to meet the needs of our
    clients, from simple to complex solutions.  Our solutions are scalable and robust so that the solutions grow as our customers grow and their needs change.  Today,
    AMS is a “go to” service provider for small and medium-sized businesses.  

    Our Coaching services are the cornerstone of our business.  These services are provided to clients looking to improve their quality of life by helping them set
    personal goals, look at career alternatives, enjoy a better work/life balance, and focus their time and energies on those things that help to achieve their career
    objectives while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy their families and other things that are very precious to them.

    Our Consulting services further the objectives of our coaching services as we work with our personal and business clients to help them achieve their business

    About Us

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    President and CEO

    Michelle A. Arrington

    Before becoming an entrepreneur, Ms. Arrington served in various capacities at Verizon Network Integration and as a Clinical Procurement
    Manager at GSK.  She holds a B.S degree from North Carolina Central University and has had graduate level training in Project
    Management from Villanova University and Family Divorce and Business Mediation from the American Center for Conflict Resolution

    Ms. Arrington is the President and owner of Arrington Management Services, Inc. (“AMS”).  In her role as President of AMS, she oversees
    the operations of the company’s Caribbean Tourism Business (TourSecure Transport Services).  In addition, AMS is currently contracted
    as an outsourced provider of Human Resources, Procurement, and Contract Management services for two mid-sized businesses ($15M+)
    pursuant to which Ms. Arrington has full management and day-to-day operational responsibilities.  

    Her past and current memberships include Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the North Carolina Central University Alumni Association, the International Coach
    Federation, Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance, the Association for Conflict Resolution, the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators, the National Association of Certified
    Mediators, the African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ and DE, and the National Association of Professional Women.

    Ms. Arrington has over 25 years of corporate business experience, working with Fortune 100 companies.  She is a proven leader with experience in vendor
    management, contract negotiations and management, operations support and business process development.  Through these experiences, she has created service
    offerings to her clients which investigate, define, and assist them with overall business strategies, policies and operational processes that have positive and strategic
    implications on the success of their business. She also has vast experience in working with teams to develop strategic sourcing strategies, including responsibility
    for obtaining total requirements of the various internal and external stakeholders, determining competitive alternatives, developing and driving new procurement and
    delivery processes that promote improved quality issues and increased cost efficiencies.    

    Ms. Arrington is an expert negotiator who has been recognized for her communication, team building, and conflict management skills.  She is also a nationally
    certified professional in mediation and a certified Life Coach.  She uses these skills in the delivery of AMS’ service offerings to all of AMS' clients and when providing
    conflict resolution services to her business clients and community organizations.

    Ms. Arrington is also a certified professional life coach.  Her coaching clients range from business owners to stay-at-home moms.  She has also worked with new
    college graduates to help them with their career objectives and to ensure they develop and continue good work and life balancing techniques.  Her coaching skills
    and services have led her to develop training programs, dealing with basic communication and social skills and diversity training.  She has been invited by various
    organizations and corporate training groups to present workshops on teamwork and communication skills.  She also offers these training programs to workforce
    development and training programs, educational institutions, including colleges and universities, community organizations and various personal development


    Vice President - Resource Management & Customer Relations
    David Cain

    David Cain has over 30 years of experience working with businesses and clients.  He has been responsible for managing production and
    quality planning, while efficiently managing company workers, in order to deliver quality products and services to clients.  He is also an
    expert in small electronics and facilities management.

    Mr. Cain has been part of the AMS family since its inception in 2007 and provides invaluable service to the company and our clients.  
    Through his service in the community and his works with people and businesses throughout the city of Philadelphia, Mr. Cain has gained a
    critical working knowledge of the needs of small businesses and has keen insight to delivery of their products and service.

    Vice President - West Coast Operations
    Jeanie H. McCain

    Jeanie H. McCain relocated to San Diego, CA from the east coast in 1998.  She retired in 2004 as a Senior Engineering Manager/ Division
    Director, after working 38 years for the U.S. Navy Department, where she supervised engineering staffs in analyzing advanced
    technologies suitable for integration into Navy aircraft, ships, satellites, weapons and communications systems.

    During her career she also served as a Navy Science Advisor, reporting directly to the Commander of Naval Surface Forces in the Atlantic
    Fleet.  She received one of the Navy’s highest civilian awards for her duties as a liaison between the fleet and the Navy Research and
    Development community in identifying, evaluating and coordinating shipboard demonstrations of new technologies.

    She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Mathematics and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, with a specialty in
    Organizational Development.

    In 2010 she began working as a member of the Senior Volunteer Program (SVP) with the San Diego Area office of the California Highway