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    We help our clients come up with their own solutions. We don't tell them how to solve a problem, we simply help them get to solutions that will be sustainable,
    which better fit their lifestyle and personality, and are easier to manage.  In this way, our clients generally succeed and enjoy better results from the solutions they
    created.  When clients have finished their coaching sessions, they should achieve increased self-esteem, better time management, enhanced communication
    skills, the ability to manage disputes peacefully and effectively, and reduced stress attributable to handling daily pressures.

                                                               Coaching Services:  Our Coaching Services are designed, quite simply, to improve the quality of life of individuals and the
 health of our communities.  We highlight what our  clients can readily achieve, given the right support, and help them simplify
what appears to be particularly difficult situations.  In doing this, we help them build their self-esteem and realize their self worth.

                                                           We provide individual coaching and group coaching programs.  Our group programs are geared towards individuals that can
                                                           benefit from the strength and support of others experiencing the same issues.  

    Family Coaching:  We all know someone who is struggling with a medical issues or the loss of someone who was a
    vital part of their lives.  Sometimes we assume that everyone can or should be able to "get over it", while not exactly
    knowing what that means.   

    We work with individuals and families who may be struggling with health and medical issues.  We work with patients to
    help them understand how they may be able to maintain their current quality of life or one that is acceptable to them.  We also work with family members to help
    them learn how to be a true support system for those within the family who have dealt with loss of a loved one or who may be dealing with their own health

    Elder Mediation:  As people are living longer, it is becoming more common for families to have to make decisions involving the care of elderly family members.  
    This is one of the most difficult times and polarizing events that will affect a family.

    We provide coaching and mediation services to families who are struggling with how to manage caring for a loved one while dealing with their own personal and
    family issues.  We also help family members with conflicting views on caring for a loved one to come up with a mutually agreeable and effective care plan for the
    love one needing the services AND the various members of the family.   

    Community Mediation Services:  We provide community mediation services to individuals, families, and small businesses that either do not desire or have the
    financial resources nor time required to have their disputes resolved by way of traditional (litigation) methods.  By providing such mediation services, we enable
    people to resolve disputes more amicably and in such a way that positive relationships are maintained.

    We do not make decisions for the parties.  Instead, we help them find a solution that works for both parties and come to a mutual agreement. We facilitate
    communication and help them get to the root of the problem and focus on the real issues.

    Mediation has several key components that keep you in control of the process.

    •        The process is voluntary
    •        The process is collaborative
    •        The process is confidential
    •        The process is informative  
    •        The process is impartial
    •        The process is non-binding

    Training Seminars and Workshops:  We have developed and facilitate various types of training seminars and workshops.  The trainings are generally provided
    to teens and young adults, and those training in Workforce Development, Prison Reform and other programs.

    We offer workshops on Basics of Effective Communications and Social Skills, Teamwork, Diversity, Career Basics, Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness, Dispute
    Resolution, and others.  However, all workshops and seminars are customized for the people and organizations participating in the workshops.


     Our services are provided in English and Spanish as we provide services to American companies as well as those throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.