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We specialize in providing clinical trial diversity services.   We identify and address recruitment and retention issues associated with clinical trials to increase the enrollment numbers of
under-served minority populations.  We are able to improve the overall recruitment and retention rate of these populations in clinical trials by: (1) reviewing protocols and other trial
documents, (2) providing trial operations recommendations and support, (3) providing sponsor, investigator and CRO diversity training, 4) providing clinical trial education to existing
and potentially new trial subjects,  and (5) managing a diverse team of clinical trial investigators.    

Developing and maintaining new sites interested in running clinical trials is critical to the success of improving the diversity in clinical trials needed to produce safe and effective drugs,
vaccines and medical devices that will be beneficial to the many ethnic groups for which the drug is intended.  We work very closely with or sites to ensure that trials are run efficiently
and in compliance with good clinical practices.  

When working with our sites (we act as a site coach), we are primarily part of the site’s support system. We work with the site from the very beginning of the trial process through to the
end of each trial.