Arrington Management Services, Inc. (“AMS”) is a woman-owned, minority-owned services company that provides customized services to its business and non-
    business clients.

    Our Business Services division works with our business clients to investigate define and assist them with overall business policies and operational processes that
    have positive and strategic implications on the success and growth of their business.  We use the "AMS Approach" when consulting with our clients to ensure that
    solutions are created holistically in consideration of the client's objectives and business culture.  We continue to consult with and assist entrepreneurs and small
    businesses by helping them develop organizational processes and manage their "back office" operations.  Today, AMS is an outsourced provider to several
    organizations and provides HR Management, Contract Management, and Process Development services to these organizations.  For more information on our
    Business Services, please click on the Business Services Tab above.

    We continue our commitment to strong community advocacy and improving the lives of those who are come from under-served communities by providing workshops
    and training programs to teens and young adults.  We provide workshops and programs that are designed to reduce the school drop rate, improve the self-esteem and
    awareness of young ladies and men in our communities, and curb teen pregnancy.  For those who have made questionable decisions in their lives, we help them get
    on a track which will positively enhance their lives.  We strive to improve the social (soft) skills of program participants while, at the same time, providing career
    counseling and teaching them vital job skills.  By providing these services, people and businesses create more positive and cooperative relationships, better work
    environments, and more cooperative neighborhoods and communities.  

    AMS also provides mediation services to individuals, families, and small businesses that do not desire or have the
    financial resources nor the time required to have their disputes resolved by way of traditional methods.  By
    providing such mediation services, we enable people to resolve disputes more amicably and in such a way
    that positive relationships are maintained.  

    Our services are provided in English and Spanish as we provide services to American companies as well as
    those throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  

    Arrington Management Services, Inc. prohibits discrimination of any kind because of color, creed, national origin, sex, religion, handicap, marital status, disability,
    veteran status, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, or age.  No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, religious creed, or
    disability, be excluded employment or contracting opportunities with the  company,  receipt of services provided by the Company, or be denied benefits of, or
    otherwise be subject to discrimination in the provision of any service by Arrington Management Services.

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